Monday, February 24, 2014

The Whimsical Dress

chiffon, organza, lace skirt, high low skirt

party dress, high low skirt,

Dress: Designed, drafted, and made by me!

I started working on this dress in January for my annual party dress. The lace skirt, underskirt fabric, and the printed skirt fabric were all from my stash and the fabric flowers were made in colours from the skirt out of chiffon and organza.

Please excuse the indoor photos, the temperature has really dropped and there was no way I could stand outside for photos!

The CEO at my work asked me if I had clothes at a boutique in town anywhere, I wish! One day...


  1. Adore this dress, amazing!! Well done you...I think you should have clothes in a boutique :))) x

  2. What a compliment, fingers crossed for you that it will happen at some point! Your dress is fab! I love how it all comes together with the colours and embellishments, great work :)

  3. So fun!
    Glad you were able to sort out the shoe issue...haha

  4. That dress is so fun and full of beautiful creativity!! And yes, hopefully one day you will have your designs in a boutique, that would be amazing! xoxo


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