Sunday, December 29, 2013

Printed Pants

printed pants, pants, cotton

Sweater: Thrifted
Pants: Selfmade
Flats: Aldo

These pants are from a pants pattern I drafted in my quest for the perfect pants pattern. The fabric is from Fabricland, I had to get it the print is amazing. That's what I told myself when I bought it and I was thinking about the other fabric I had sitting at home. Although I really didn't have anything in a weight I wanted to use for pants so there. 


The white spots on my sweater are snow flakes.


  1. So good to see your comment, dear bri.
    I thought you had forgotten about me.
    I am so honoured to have you in my life.Do keep in touch

  2. those pants are fantastic. I do love the pattern.

  3. You look wonderful doll, love the pants, the pattern is so so pretty!! Really lights up the snowy background!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & may the New Year bring you lots of happiness and great times xx

  4. I also think your fabric is amazing. I've seen it in fabricland and had my own fantasies about it. Your pants are fabulous!


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