Monday, March 25, 2013

The Latest Sweater Addition

metallic yarn, sweater, painted denim

knitted sweater, painted jeans, plaid shirt

Sweater: Gift
Button Up: Thrifted
Painted Jeans: Done by me
Shoes: Bakers
Watch: Fossil

Isn't this sweater delightful? A lady who volunteers at my work gave it to me, I guess her daughter made it but it doesn't fit her and so here it is on me! 

Ironically the last few posts have all shown photos of me in the sunshine, but this is a falsehood, a weather sham if you will. It's been blizzardy and ridiculous for the most of the past two weeks with the brief appearance of the sun. I'd usually be okay with this but the blizzards always come when I'd like to take photos and etc. Since the window of time to take photos after work is still a rather small one this weather just doesn't help me. 

Looking on the positive side of things this has meant for some great snow in the mountains, and I'll be savouring every snowy day I do get out on my board until Spring really does decide to come in earnest. 


  1. It's a very wonderful sweater, lucky you :) You look great. I hope you have a gorgeous week xx

  2. I love that sweater! What a wonderful mistake of the daughter to make..haha

  3. Great layering, Bri.


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