Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Over The Weekend

Here are some photo's from my weekend.

My masterpiece of a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving dinner

 It was dreary enough over the weekend that a blanky was required.

 My corset for my Halloween costume, complete with two layers 
of muslin, lining, dupioni, and boning.

Fabric I found for the beau's venetian jester costume.

For all of you Canucks out there I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I also want to mention that I went and saw Brave this weekend, I've been waiting till it went to cheapies so I didn't have to suffer through stupid 3D and it was so fantastic! It reminded me a lot of my teenage years riding on my horse out in the forests hair streaming out behind me, those were good times.....


  1. The turkey looks yummy & the corset is wonderful! I must see this movie some time, it looks quite funny...am glad you had a wonderful time :) xx

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Beautiful work on the corsetry and dinner :)


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