Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing In The Leaves

I'm not fond of myself in this photo, however I love how cute
Natasha's daughter Vyla looks here playing in the leaves!

Cardigan: Better On You
Tank: Smart Set
Pants: Selfmade
Necklace: Gift
Sandals: Nine West

Here are some outfit shots from my weekend with Natasha. I will say that obviously I should of checked the forecast because I had packed for cool weather and then it was 27 degrees out and I had to "make things work" when it came to wearing what I had brought with me! So silly but I guess we all have our moments....

Meanwhile, I have come down with a brutal cold, our internet stops working for more than 24 hours, our cable box died, and now my blog roll isn't showing up! The cold may have me a little on edge so all these pesky little things annoy me much more!


  1. On the phone these pictures didn't seem to have any glare :(
    Loved that outfit...and love my monkey in the background!

  2. You look beautiful, even in the one you aren't fond of!! I love playing in the leaves. Your outfit is stunning :) x

  3. Oh no, sounds like you're having some bad luck lately, I really hope you feel better soon and that outfit is so cute, even though the weather wasn't quite what you expected. Adorable pic too of the little one playing in the leaves, definitely reminds me of fall


  4. Sounds like a rough day! Hope you feel better! Anyways, I absolutely love this look :) That top is great, and you wear it so well.


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