Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not So Mellow

Top: Thrifted
Yellow Skinnies: Stitches
Wedges: Spring
Bracelets: Dollarama

These crazy jeans are from my silly dress up outfit when I bartended with a friend of mine a while back. I decided unless I was going to wear these jeans I had to chuck them, so here I am wearing them. This was actually a nice way to welcome back the sun since it's apparently going to stay for a while this time around. Here's hoping....

This reminds me that I never actually shared the outfit photos from bartending and I really should because they are hilarious!

I'm also hoping this is me getting things back in control and not so crazy so I can come back and be a lot more social in blog land, so if you've left a comment and I haven't responded, please have patience with me, things are a work in progress right now.


Thanks for leaving a comment, they make me all warm and fuzzy!