Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things From My Weekend

This was my view from work on Saturday!

Saturday night my friend and I bartended for a friends bowling league year end shin dig. This was made even more interesting by the fact that neither of us had ever bartended, and the hilarious outfits we decided to wear providing further entertainment! I'll be posting photos of this so stay tuned.

Sunday brought the discovery of a most amazing donut shop. The donut flavors included S'mores, London Fog, Peanut Butter, Coconut and so many other delectable flavors.

After the donuts I thought of a place I had read about and then we found out that it was a mere  400m from where we already were, so we had to go eat there too.... It's a Fine Cheese Deli that also does specialty grilled cheese sandwiches and mine was amazing.

My peat pellet starts that are clearly over grown and need to be transplanted.

I can't believe how much my tomato plants have grown! I need to transplant them again and get some canes they're getting so big! Have I mentioned how excited I am to grow stuff?


  1. Ah, I hadn't realized we shared a location! Sounds like a fun weekend, despite the snow. :)

  2. My boyfriend was in Calgary this weekend and said it snowed! And your picture is proof!

  3. The second photo is so fun...and that peanut butter donut. I want one.

  4. What a great mish mash of photos in this post. Those donuts look amazing. I have a serious weakness for donuts!

  5. Fantastic pictures. The donuts look yummy!! x

  6. Well, thanks to your food pics, I'm starving now. I wasn't expecting that to happen while catching up on your blog haha.


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