Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ladies Spring Mantle

So I've finally put together my toile for the Ladies Spring Mantle. I'd like to say that everything is just dandy but that's so far from the truth! It's too big which isn't such a big deal but there's something weird going on with the back...

The toile is sticking out between my arm and shoulder blades as if I've got horns coming in back there or something, and given the fact that this is all one pattern piece and I was twisting awkwardly trying to  see what was happening in the mirror this is something I'm going to need some outside fitting help!

This fabric and trim I would like to use once I get this fitting mystery solved!

Have you ever come across a fitting conundrum so bizarre you didn't know what to do?

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  1. Fitting can be such a pain. I'm not very good at it and there doesn't seem to be any books I can find that actually teach fitting properly. Are the shoulders and armholes lined up with your actual shoulders/arms? I've found sometimes if they aren't it can create weird bulges at the back.


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