Monday, April 23, 2012

If You Build It, They Will Come

 Or in my case, if you share a dreary outfit and whine about the weather, maybe 
the weather gods will take pity and throw some sunshine your way....

I enjoyed this outfit, the mixture of textures with the beaded belt, blouse and 
skirt quite lifted me out of my dreary state, and of course the sunshine helped....

Blouse: RW & Co
Knit Top: Joe Fresh
Belt: Refind
Skirt: Selfmade
Tights: Suzy Shier
Flats: Aldo
Bracelet: Thrifted

Meanwhile, now that I'm on track with getting my DIY posts done, I'm on a mission to do better with my blog photos, better settings for them and etc.... Now that Spring is definitely here and things are getting greener that should make things much improved too.

How do you find pretty settings for your photos? Do you scout areas? Are you lucky enough to live right next to a beautiful spot?

Happy Monday!


  1. You look beautiful, I love the outfit, not dreary to me :) I like to find pretty places to take photos, it inspires me more. I hope you have a wonderful Monday & week to follow :) xx

  2. I adore this look - such a great skirt!


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  4. I love this look! The top is precious, so happy to have stumbled upon your blog, following now!

  5. I really like all the textures in this outfit too and the skirt you made is gorgeous!

  6. When I first began blogging, I kept a mental list of the colors of various buildings in my potential spots to do a photo shoot. I was embarassed to admit this to anyone, but then I read an article about Grace Coddington and I gather she does something similar.

    I love the belt with this skirt.

  7. I totally agree with you about the mix of colors and textures, this outfit is really flattering on you and I know what you mean about finding a place for photos. I'm always looking for unique spots to shoot for my blog


  8. A very cute skirt; this will be a fab addition to the wardrobe! When I am out and about, sometimes I notice areas that have promise. Most times I just grab an opportunity that presents itself. Sometimes a spot that doesn't look at all promising turns out to be a winner, that I will go to time and time again. I think the light is just as important is the backdrop.

  9. I adore that blouse, and the whole ensemble is so perfect.
    Since I started the blog, I always look at places as possible backgrounds or backdrops for a post.
    Your blog is looking brilliant Bri.


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