Friday, February 3, 2012

Sparkly But Not On Broadway

Jacket: Thrifted
Dress: Liquidation World
Tights: Winners
Wedge Heels: The Shoe Company
Earrings: Anika Burke

I have to say these are some of my most favorite photo's in quite some time, extended daylight hours probably have something to do with this! This outfit was inspired by an article on trends right now in Instyle UK talking about geometric prints and I thought of this dress and that it had been a while since we'd hung out!

I've mentioned before how entertaining guys commenting on clothes can be and this outfit was no exception. Two guys I know from work caught me on my way in when the sun was shining and commented that my tights were so bright I should be on Broadway!!!! Maybe you had to be there...

What do you think on my ongoing blog revamp?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to!


  1. You're legs are sooo amazingly long! I love this outfit...and the tights are such a fun addition :)

    Natasha ~

  2. How tall are you? Your legs just look so long in this outfit. Are the tights sparkly?

  3. Those tights are too darn cute!!!

  4. Love the whole outfit, but the shoes and tights are a killer combo!


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