Thursday, February 9, 2012

Faux Fur Jacket


Apparently I decided to delete my last set of outfit photos so now I'm sharing a project I'm working on. The worst part about deleting those photos was that it was a groovy printed wrap dress which has been retired after noticing it had reached it's expiration date.

Moving on.... I'm making a grey faux fur jacket with a ribbed hem and sleeves almost like this and hopefully I will have it zipped together to show off next week! Conveniently I googled grey faux fur jacket with ribbing and I found this lovely image because pictures make everything better!

I saw a sneak preview of Safe House last night and really enjoyed it (thank you Amy for getting passes!) but was also covered in butter from my bag of popcorn. No really covered! As in how did I not notice the giant butter spots all over me! I'm a big fan of butter layered over my popcorn but I can't say this extreme situation has ever happened to me. Does anyone else out there have a crazy popcorn story such as this?


  1. That sucks about the photos - on the plus side that coat looks like an awesome project!

    Courtney ~

  2. I love all of your creations, you are super talented.

  3. Darling - an award awaits you at my blog. Come see! xoxo

  4. In love with this jacket! Too bad about your photos. Looking forward to the next set

    love from Canada
    northern style exposure

  5. Oh, sad about the photos :( but your skirt in the previous post is simply gorgeous! You look amazing!


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