Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Learning Coat

Makeup was optional this particular day....

I made this coat quite a few years ago, I learned many things along the way...

These over the knee socks are so fun!

Hat: Stampede vendor
Coat: Selfmade
Over The Knee Socks: Winners
Boots: ?
Belt: Zara

Things I learnt back when I made this coat:

1) Bound buttonholes - Poor Natasha tried to explain this to me multiple times....

2) Glue - A bad idea with fabric..... Yes, yes I know many people never have any trouble, but I in a state of madness over did it and then ended up with one particular buttonhole looking much grayer than the others.

3) Interlining for warmth - A good idea, however less is more and two layers of warm and natural throughout an entire coat is crazy. Not to mention very difficult to move in. Just to make is clear this coat has four layers; 1 layer of mixed fiber boucle type fabric, 2 layers of warm and natural, and 1 layer of satin as the lining. I will say that this is a very warm coat

Every project teaches me something, but looking back at this project always cracks me up!


  1. Really great coat. Love the boots, too!

  2. haha...double interlining sounds like a lot of added bulk! The only jacket I ever added interlining to was my Snowboard Jacket Outerwear project...I figure I can alwats just layer underneath for warmth.
    Love this with the belt!

  3. Your coat is sensational!! And it looks so toasty warm and perfect for your weather (and can I just say, ooooh snow, so exciting!!)

  4. I love the coat, i have one similar in grey and after seeing this post im going to experiment with putting belts round it! The subtle detailing on the socks is nice too :)


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