Monday, November 21, 2011

Hoorah For Sequins

Sequin Jacket: The Gap
Knit Tank: Suzy Shier
Gap Jeans: Thrifted
Red Leather Loafers: Nine West
Scarf: Gift
Hat: Walk About Hats
Earrings: Gift from Natasha

So I was an extra day behind in my posts last week which is why today's post is not snowy when it really should be! The last few days have been snowy and -20 and colder with the wind so I feel like the next few posts will be coats.... I had such a busy weekend I did not take a single outfit photo, plus it was so cold my frozen brain didn't even think about it.....

But as Carrie would say "it gives me a chance to bust out the gloves!"


  1. Cute! I love all the textures and colors here :)

  2. That beaded cardigan is darling! =)

  3. I love this!!!! Everything is perfect

  4. First time at your lovely blog and in love already! Your cardigan is lovely! It's always awesome to find fellow Canadian bloggers :)


  5. love the earthy colors here :)

    hope you had a great weekend!


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