Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green On Trend

I miss these shoes, they don't get out enough!

Three different buttons....

Jacket: Selfmade
Dress: ?
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: The Bay

Admittedly these photos were taken 10 minutes before I crashed into bed last week after having to go to a work function when I was definitely coming down with a cold. I got the beau to quickly snap these photos and didn't check to make sure everything was in order, hence the askew necklace and etc. This is also why I didn't post on Friday, I was so sick Thursday my whole world came to a stop!

I can definitely say I was quite overdressed for this function, but I would much rather be overdressed than underdressed! 

Sadly no photo of the whole dress. I got this dress probably 7+ years ago for $12 when my mom and I were down in the states for something, who knows. Its my LBD that has come in handy many times over the years..... I don't typically wear black dresses because I love color and prints so much but because this dress has a shimmer to it along with such an interesting hem I never get tired of it. Do you have a LBD that you can't part with?


  1. Your shoes are so cute! I love Nine West. And yes, I have a couple of LBD's I will never part with!

  2. Great jacket. The open neck, sleeves and three mismatched buttons are all really cool features. And I of course love the shoes! Green is my favorite color.

  3. I love the jacket, the sleeves are wonderful.


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