Thursday, November 3, 2011

Delightfully Green

Top: Winners
Pants: Thrifted
Patent Booties: The Bay
Bracelet: F21
Necklace: Gift

So ever since Natasha made her green pants I have been green with envy! I love the cut, the color, the fit she really nailed it and I've been pining for pants like them ever since! I can hear Natasha right now saying "well get off your behind and make them then" and yes I will at some point but Hallowe'en was a priority for me in October. I was very excited when I thrifted these though but I think I'll do a few minor alterations to them. 
Overall I did really enjoy this outfit, the shiny pants made my day!


  1. That's crazy that you thrifted green pants!

  2. The print on that top is really great!

  3. I adore the top.

  4. Great styling! Love the bracelet! I have the same one in white

  5. I could never in a million years even think about putting such shiny pants over my ample backside haha. You, however, look fantastic as always. Love the outfit!


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