Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en 2011

 Masquerade character from The Labrinth, saloon girl, maid, Sweet Pea - Suckerpunch, The Mad Hatter - Alice In Wonderland, Quorra - Tron Legacy (Me)

We didn't get too crazy with the pumpkin carvings this year, but I like how my Jack turned out!

Happy Hallowe'en! Have I mentioned that this is my favorite holiday (even though its not actually a holiday) of the year? I got my costume finished in the nick of time and had so much fun playing with the lights all night. They can be adjusted so that they blink fast, slow, or just stay on steady. 

This has probably been one of my nest Hallowe'en's ever since I got to go to The Haunt at Knotsberry Farms in California, all the costume work we did for the events at my work and then my own celebrations. Tonight I will be watching fun movies, eating pumpkin seeds and handing out candy, a pleasant way to finish off this most fabulous time of year!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Hallowe'en.


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