Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glove Refashion DIY

Today's post is inspired by the Old to New event  being put on by Natasha from Required2beinspired and Kimberley at A little bit of this!

These are a pair of black leather gloves I picked up for free from Swish in Edmonton on my girls weekend with Natasha! I got them with the intention of making them over and just never made the time but luckily the refashion idea of Old to New came up and I finally got it done!

I knew I wanted them fingerless, so I put a glove on and marked with chalk where to cut off the fingers. Then I laid both gloves together to make sure I cut them evenly!

I used this random lace from my stash to decorate around my wrist. I marked where I wanted the lace and then sliced on my marking all the way around, then inserting the lace and stitching the ends together.


I had originally thought of doing a couple layers of the lace woven up the glove but in this rare instance I'm thinking less is more!

Now I really want to find some more gloves I can chop up because this project has really given me some great ideas for other glove DIY's!


  1. Brilliant.
    I have to try!!!

  2. Great job!

  3. great diy came out very nice!


  4. Just can't take my eyes off your blog. Love it!


  5. Turned out sooo good!

    I see our buttons aren't working??

  6. Love, love, LOVE! These are so sassy and the ribbon makes the gloves even more beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in!

  7. girl you are seriously gifted to be able to think so far outside the box! these are amazing!

  8. Awesome idea! I think more lace would have looked good too though, but you are right, less if often more. I want to do this!

  9. I love, love, love that you made fingerless gloves. I may need to be on the look out for a pair of gloves to do this with.

  10. great idea! gloves are always the cheapest thing to find at the thrift store, def will be trying this!


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