Monday, October 10, 2011

FWC Lace Skirt

Okay, so here is the lace skirt from my fall wardrobe challenge. Remember when I had mentioned that I wanted to make this skirt out of a couple lace fabrics I had, but given how expensive some of them were I was hesitant to cut them up? Well for that reason I started with the black lace and will now move on to the other laces. Plus I drafted up this pattern and was too lazy to do a mock up, along with the fact that I didn't think I really needed to since this is just a basic skirt!

I had been thinking I would just do a cream of grey underneath so as not to limit my options for a top but I really am enjoying berry colors lately and couldn't resist!


  1. That skirt is a real treasure.
    I am so glad that you made so well.
    Good for you.

  2. That's such a great skirt, well done! Whenever I start a DIY project I end up ditching it half way ... I've only completed about 30% of my endeavors haha. So kudos to you!

  3. Great skirt! You can wear it so many ways.

  4. Gorgeous! I think the berry underneath is just the right hint of color - and you'll be able to wear so much with it!

  5. Love this skirt! The red colour underneath is so perfect for fall!

  6. Love, love, love this skirt! Fantastic!


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