Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Florals

Dress: Self made
Leather Jacket: Florence Leather market
Necklace: Walmart
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Boots: The Shoe Company

Although I made this dress quite some time ago, I think both of the floral prints are perfect for the fall floral trends this season. Wearing this dress after quite some time, I realized how much I loved this pattern and I think I will have to make another!

Meanwhile, no word on when my Macbook will be fixed.... Its been two weeks.... Apparently ordering in the part takes a lifetime.... So I'm stuck using the beau's uncooperative laptop!

Then there's the buttonhole situation or lack there of... I thought I had the problem figured out... a bad bobbin. This happened to me a few years back, I couldn't figure out why my machine would be crazy sporadically and it turned out to be bobbins I had bought that looked the same as my originals but were slightly thinner... This was not the case and the place I used to take my machine is gone and now I must find simewhere else..... So the lilac jacket is not finished.....


  1. I love it. I just looked at this pattern and the fabric I had set aside to make it this morning! Perhaps, I'll finally stitch mine up!

  2. I love that dress soo much...I remember I had bought that same pattern, but I still have yet to use it.

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  3. love the sky in the background and the way your hair is blowing in the wind - very realistic :)

  4. Wow, you made that dress? It's gorgeous!

  5. Love the dress. Love the jacket. Love the boots. Love it all!

  6. The dress looks very well made! xx

  7. I love the dress. It has the most perfect sleeves.

  8. Flawless dress construction and you wear that print well!

  9. These pictures are so gorgeous! And I love how you styled the brown leather jacket with that dress. I'm so impressed that you made it!!



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