Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costume Exhibit Cont.

Kate Beckingsale wears this costume in a movie called The Golden Bowl.. I've never heard of it but I'd like to watch it for the period costumes!

This costume is worn by Radha Mitchell in Finding Neverland. Aren't the details on both these dresses amazing? Also, I finally got my Macbook back after taking forever to get fixed so this is why I am now posting more of these photos!

Make sure to check out Natasha's Old to New project today!


  1. these are beautiful! I love the details on them, such art!

    and LOL i laughed at your follow me and I'll follow you comment.. I hate it when people do that too, or ones that just say "nice blog come visit mine"

  2. These are such beautiful costumes!!! We have a museum in Oregon called Maryhill Museum and there are lots of gorgeous dresses like this there! I sometimes wish I live in those time era's just so I can wear all the beautiful dresses!!

    xoxo Denise

    PS: I will be posting a vintage jewelry giveaway on my blog on Sunday! Check back and enter to win :)

  3. There are some awesome details on both dresses!

  4. This looks like a really awesome display. The details are wonderful - especially the beading on the dress from Finding Neverland!

  5. Gorgeous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh You got me all dreamy about these beautiful dresses


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