Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Prestige Costume

This is a costume that Scarlett Johansson wore in The Prestige. 

It was one of many costumes on display at the exhibit but I have to say it was my favorite because of the details! The cream lace that overlays the blue fabric also has flowers appliqued onto it, which seems like a crazy amount of work but I love it. Even the combination of fabrics and trims all together I find amazing!

What I would give to see the inside of these costumes!


  1. HOW GORGEOUS!!! oh myyy. i honestly believe i was born in the wrong time period. this era is absolutely perfect. (another era would be america in the `50s LOL) i just imagine big sun hats and tea and parasols and lovely walk in the parks... ♥

  2. Wonderful dress. I specially love the jacket.

  3. The details and the colors are so beautiful - subtle but striking at the same time. Amazing! You're so lucky you got to see these close-up - thanks for posting photos!

  4. I LOVVVVE that dress! HOW GORRRGEOUS is the emboridery--wwowowow! How cool that Scarlett wore it!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. My daughter and I went to a movie costumes exhibition last spring. We got as close to the costumes as we could to look at all the details. The security guard kept giving us the stinkeye and asking us to back up. I guess nobody is a seamstress around here, or even remotely interested in seeing the details up close!

  6. wow...this is beautiful...LOVE the colors!!!! Just stopping by to thankyou for the sweet comment you left on my "15 de septiembre" post... and ti tell you I left a little thankyou note!!!!

    Greetings from Mexico!

  7. Amazing! Such intricate detailing!


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