Monday, September 5, 2011

Polka Dot Shirt FWC

Here is the polka dot blouse from my Fall Wardrobe Challenge. I used a remnant from my fabric stash and Vogue pattern V8196, a pattern I had originally bought to alter for a dress I still have yet to make.....

This blouse turned out great, I did add top stitching to the collar, sleeve band and waistband piece due to the fabric not laying quite as nicely as I would like. I also used the longer length for the bottom pattern pieces as the shorter length would of been close to a midrif shirt for me!

I will point out that for the front loop closures in the future I would ad a piece of bias or something to cover the inside and keep it neater looking instead of leaving the stitched cord visible.

As for which piece to start next, Natasha has mentioned that colored pants are EBEW's next feature, however I am still torn on which of my pants pattern will be the best to use since both will require alterations..... What to do....

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  1. Ya, I am kind of in love with your shirt. It is gorgeous and cute at the same time.

  2. Ooooh I love this! Can you make me one? haha. (This is Lindsay again)

  3. This DID turn out great!! You are soooo super talented. And polka dots are definitely all the rage this season. This would look totally hot with those red pants that you're gonna make!

  4. I already praised this blouse in a more recent post, since I am working backwards through all the ones I have missed over the last month, but I will tell you again: I adore this blouse!!


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