Monday, September 19, 2011

FWC Red Pants

Okay, at long last here are the red pants. When I say long last it really has only been 2 weeks, but since I've given myself only 1 week per project I need to hustle if I'm going to meet my Fall Wardrobe Challenge deadline! Hustling is far more difficult now that I'm trying to go to hot yoga 3 times a week though....

These pants turned out alright. I drafted the pattern using my pant sloper and I must say I think I'll need to do a new pant sloper because after almost 2 years my body has definitely changed (Thank you very much to my stressed self and terrible eating habits....)! I think the biggest issue here was my fabric choice. I had used this fabric to make a red dress coat quite some time ago and had some left over, but for the style of pant I did it would of been better to of had fabric with a bit of stretch, just a little bit.... Even a wool fabric I think would be more forgiving.

I also think I will take in the leg width at the hem, as I wanted to pants to be an ankle length but I think making them not quite so wide will be better.

Onto the bad news, a dvd got stuck in the drive of my Macbook and I had to take it in for a repair which thankfully will be under warranty, however I was not given a date for which I will get it back! This leaves me without a laptop and I must say my patience runs thin using the beau's PC so no guarentees on the posting schedule this week.

Hopefully by the time this post is up I'll of also done my knitted top and will be back on schedule!


  1. The pants fit you great!...but I do agree, I think they should be taken in at the ankles.
    I'm having slight problems making my skinny trousers as's hard to get the leg to look right...but I find that as soon as I press a crease into them they instantly look better on the legs...but I dont think these ones would work with a crease. (And dont' really need it either)
    Great Job!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. I'm very impressed! Fitting pants is definitely my worst nightmare (And I knwo what you mean regarding having to update the sloper (2 years?! I update it every six months or so hehe).

  3. oh my i want those pants! how perfect are they! the little zipper is just insane!

  4. VERY cool pants! I definitely need a pair. And they are perfect with those shoes.

  5. I am no pro, but the construction looks pretty awesome to me. I do think that taking in the hem will take them to the next level too. Love the zippers!


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