Friday, September 9, 2011

Completely Non Fashion Related Post

Not much is making sense this morning, ergo the title even. Hot yoga has whooped me quite good this week and is also my excuse for forgetting to even post yesterday! I'm sticking with it in an attempt to get in shape for snowboarding season. Of course with record temperatures around here the last thing I think anyone is thinking about is snow....

As you can see, Rusty copes with the heat by just flat out laying in the river while on a hike out in Kanaskis....

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I'll be hopefully sewing my red pants, going to see The Masters at Spruce Meadows and also checking out the costume exhibit at The Glenbow!


  1. Smart dog! I love that second picture. The scenery is beautiful.

  2. Hiking is the best outdoor activity there is. And with a dog? Even better!


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