Thursday, September 22, 2011

Completed FWC Knit Top

Yes, I am finally posting the knit top! I still have not found the grey-blue knit fabric I had originally intended to use, but I had also wanted to make this top out of this remnant fabric so it all worked out quite well anyways!

For the main hem and the sleeve hems I simply folded up the hem and then folded it back (so that it was 3 layers) and serged all the way around with the blade of my serger removed. Then you just pull on the hem a bit so you get the neat stitches on the good sides of the fabric. I think this is a neat little detail and something different from your typical double top stitch!

I'm not onto my lilac jacket which is a vogue pattern and I'm quite excited!

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  1. Wow - this is great!!! My sewing is limited to buttons/rips, so I am always impressed at anyone who can do more than that. :)


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