Monday, September 12, 2011

The Name Necklace Is Back!

Blouse: Self made
BCBG Shorts: Gift from Natasha
Sandals: Random shoe shop in Rome
Necklace: Street Vendor in Rome
Sunnies: Le Chateau

I wore my polka dot blouse this weekend to go to the Harvest Sale at Heritage Park and then to the costume exhibit at The Glenbow. I can certainly say it was a good thing I made the longer version of this shirt, but I would consider adding more closures if making this shirt again! I went to the exhibit with 3 friends, all of whom sew and two of which didn't know that I had made this shirt and both couldn't believe I had made it. I think this is a good thing? That it doesn't look handmade?

The exhibit was phenomenal, I have so many photos I'll need to go through them before I can post them.  It's an exhibit thats been traveling all over the place, so if it's coming anywhere near you, definitely check it out!

Meanwhile, the red pants are not done, but the mock up is done, as well as all the necessary fit alterations and the fashion fabric is now cut out.... I just need to stitch the pants together..... The trouble is, I started hot yoga last week and its been kicking my butt, and zapping all my energy which is why the pants aren't done yet....

And I found my name necklace! It was in my jewelry box all along.....


  1. You made that blouse!?!? I was scrolling down in a fury to see where you bought it! I love the cut and shape of it - so flattering. Seriously, I would buy this today if you could make a bigger size!

  2. love that necklace!! it's perfect! :)


  3. Very Cute! I'm pretty sure that nobody could tell any of your clothes were "homemade"! Glad you had fun at the exhibit!

  4. Get your behind sewing!!! Tomorrow is EBEW!
    Looking lovely as usual!

  5. I love it! So how do you pronounce your name? I tell everyone that mine is like banana as they always gets it wrong upon first try!

  6. Your blouse rocks. You never cease to amaze me! I want a name necklace too! I had one with just a dainty letter L and loved it.


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