Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Costume

Okay, so Halloween is a month away and I should of started on this costume a long time ago! This is my first option for Halloween, however I've had trouble locating good lighting at a reasonable price, and not to mention lengths that will work on my costume.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and working at a historical attraction where they do a big Halloween event and have a storage closet filled with costumes has turned me into a kid running wild in a candy store....

Bring on the tooth ache!

Meanwhile, my jacket is not done because Halloween has me distracted. I kept thinking I should put my challenge on hold for Halloween....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vogue Jacket Thus Far

Okay, here is the Vogue pattern jacket so far. Yes, it seems as though this project is taking me forever but oh well. I must also admit I feel like I've been fighting off some bugs lately as I've certainly been feeling sluggish and slowing down my productivity.....

Hopefully I'll put together the lining tonight!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Better Timing

Vest: H & M
Tank: Thrifted
Shorts: Joe Fresh
Sandals: Aldo
Hat: Walk About Hats
BCBG Necklace: Thrifted
Purse: Milano Market
Sunnies: Le Chateau

Nope, I am not wearing the Vogue jacket I had said I would sew and complete over the weekend. This is me enjoying a bit of the lovely weather we had yesterday, even though then the wind came up and I was stuck clinging to my hat for the rest of the outing! I am enjoying the fall colors though!

I did not get the Vogue jacket done as expected. In future when setting timelines for myself I should perhaps do a little recon and recognize how much there really is to do, not to mention inconvenient house issues that arise and take up precious sewing time! This jacket has a lot of pieces, and I was also thinking it was unlined for some reason. I am glad it's lined, plus I found some great printed lining in my stash this weekend, but when I said I would just whip it up on Saturday, I had not even cut out the pattern yet... Then I realized I had not washed my fabric (that I could remember anyways...). I have got most of it sewn together, just the collar to do and then move onto the lining....

Have I mentioned that my domestic machine is still not wanting to sew buttonholes and now I give up and will take it in for a service! I think I forgot to mention that when I posted about my pants, thats why I was wearing a belt! I do have the most fabulous star button for them too!

Also, my laptop is still not back so I am sorry for not responding to comments as much as I usually do. Hopefully I'll have it back soon and life will be so much better!

Friday, September 23, 2011

V 1052 Issey Miyake

Photo courtesy of Vogue Patterns

I'm using Vogue pattern V1052 by Issey Miyake for my jacket project and making it out of a medium weight lavender twill fabric from my stash. This is yet another project I have been wanting to do for so very long!

This pattern calls for fusible interfacing (which I absolutely loath!), but I will be using a sew in and improvising to make this work. I'm hoping I can whip this together this weekend, but since the forecast has announced that this weekend will be in at least high 20's I'm doubtful of this happening!

Also, Keith Urban concert tonight!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Completed FWC Knit Top

Yes, I am finally posting the knit top! I still have not found the grey-blue knit fabric I had originally intended to use, but I had also wanted to make this top out of this remnant fabric so it all worked out quite well anyways!

For the main hem and the sleeve hems I simply folded up the hem and then folded it back (so that it was 3 layers) and serged all the way around with the blade of my serger removed. Then you just pull on the hem a bit so you get the neat stitches on the good sides of the fabric. I think this is a neat little detail and something different from your typical double top stitch!

I'm not onto my lilac jacket which is a vogue pattern and I'm quite excited!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patience, A Virtue I Am Missing

Top: Joe Fresh
Pleated Skirt: Winners
BCBG Necklace: Thrifted
Red Wedges: Winners

No word on when my Macbook will return, my non existing patience does not help matters so I am currently fighting with the beau's PC and I'm not winning. I spent half my evening last night fighting with the bloody thing trying to put a book on my ereader with no results either. Needless to say, these outfit photos are from the other day and were already loaded onto the computer so I am choosing to post this instead of the knit top which I'm sure will be another battle I did not want to take part in.....

Instead of starting my next project on top of the PC battle last night, I then chose to make a carrot cake with fabulous cream cheese....

Monday, September 19, 2011

FWC Red Pants

Okay, at long last here are the red pants. When I say long last it really has only been 2 weeks, but since I've given myself only 1 week per project I need to hustle if I'm going to meet my Fall Wardrobe Challenge deadline! Hustling is far more difficult now that I'm trying to go to hot yoga 3 times a week though....

These pants turned out alright. I drafted the pattern using my pant sloper and I must say I think I'll need to do a new pant sloper because after almost 2 years my body has definitely changed (Thank you very much to my stressed self and terrible eating habits....)! I think the biggest issue here was my fabric choice. I had used this fabric to make a red dress coat quite some time ago and had some left over, but for the style of pant I did it would of been better to of had fabric with a bit of stretch, just a little bit.... Even a wool fabric I think would be more forgiving.

I also think I will take in the leg width at the hem, as I wanted to pants to be an ankle length but I think making them not quite so wide will be better.

Onto the bad news, a dvd got stuck in the drive of my Macbook and I had to take it in for a repair which thankfully will be under warranty, however I was not given a date for which I will get it back! This leaves me without a laptop and I must say my patience runs thin using the beau's PC so no guarentees on the posting schedule this week.

Hopefully by the time this post is up I'll of also done my knitted top and will be back on schedule!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Duchess Costumes

Today's costumes are from The Duchess worn by Keira Knightly. The were designed by Micheal O'Connor and received an Academy Award and a BAFTA Award for best Costume Design. 
Once again, I'm amazed by all the work in these costumes and wish wish wish I could touch them and see the inside!

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the costumes for this movie but Ralph Fiennes plays such a monster it was a rather sad movie.

And yes in response to a comment yesterday, I definitely am lucky the security was perhaps a little more lax at The Glenbow because my friends and I stuck our faces right up to the costumes and never had a word or stink eye bit of trouble!

Happy Friday!

And I'm happy to report I got a fair bit of work done on my red pants and they are 2/3's done! I'm thinking I'll make my knit top next which will only take an afternoon and that should put me back on track!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Prestige Costume

This is a costume that Scarlett Johansson wore in The Prestige. 

It was one of many costumes on display at the exhibit but I have to say it was my favorite because of the details! The cream lace that overlays the blue fabric also has flowers appliqued onto it, which seems like a crazy amount of work but I love it. Even the combination of fabrics and trims all together I find amazing!

What I would give to see the inside of these costumes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Know Its New When

Sheer top: Winners
Knit Top: Joe Fresh
Earl Jeans: Winners
Necklace: Gift
Bangles: Dollarama
Steve Madden Booties: DSW

I have terrific news, tonight I did the zipper fly on my red pants! Zipper flies make me feel somewhat useless, I had a bad experience on my first one many years ago and whenever I go to do one since then I shudder a bit.... I'm working to get over it, really.... 

Today's title comes from this fabulous sheer top/jacket I found at Winners over the weekend. You know it's new when..... I haven't ripped out the evil plastic hanger things that always sneak out to say hi to everyone.... And of course today after a somewhat tiring house issue I simply asked the beau to take pictures for me so of course I wasn't doing the checking over of photos when taking them bit as per usual with the timer and tripod dealio. Why don't boys notice things like that? (Please note this was a generalization) 

I'm also happy to report that hot yoga did not hurt me nearly so much this week because I put electrolytes in my drink and wow did that ever make a difference! Thanks to my dad for the pep talk/lecture on electrolytes and the importance of taking them when sweating so profusely and etc. 

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

EBEW Colored Pants

Pants: Self made
Zara Blouse: Gift from Natasha
Belt: Used to be my Grandma's
Earrings: ?
Sandals: Winners

Today is EBEW's colored pants edition, and I had every intention of having my red pants made for this but life got in the way.... These are some pants I made a while back that don't get out often as the fabric just doesn't press well and I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes....

Yay for busting out these earrings though, they're a little heavy so they don't make it out much either.... Sadly these photos were taken inside due to the surprising factor of fall and me forgetting how much earlier it gets dark out now!

Happy Colored Pants!

Everybody, Everywear | Colored Pants

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Name Necklace Is Back!

Blouse: Self made
BCBG Shorts: Gift from Natasha
Sandals: Random shoe shop in Rome
Necklace: Street Vendor in Rome
Sunnies: Le Chateau

I wore my polka dot blouse this weekend to go to the Harvest Sale at Heritage Park and then to the costume exhibit at The Glenbow. I can certainly say it was a good thing I made the longer version of this shirt, but I would consider adding more closures if making this shirt again! I went to the exhibit with 3 friends, all of whom sew and two of which didn't know that I had made this shirt and both couldn't believe I had made it. I think this is a good thing? That it doesn't look handmade?

The exhibit was phenomenal, I have so many photos I'll need to go through them before I can post them.  It's an exhibit thats been traveling all over the place, so if it's coming anywhere near you, definitely check it out!

Meanwhile, the red pants are not done, but the mock up is done, as well as all the necessary fit alterations and the fashion fabric is now cut out.... I just need to stitch the pants together..... The trouble is, I started hot yoga last week and its been kicking my butt, and zapping all my energy which is why the pants aren't done yet....

And I found my name necklace! It was in my jewelry box all along.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Completely Non Fashion Related Post

Not much is making sense this morning, ergo the title even. Hot yoga has whooped me quite good this week and is also my excuse for forgetting to even post yesterday! I'm sticking with it in an attempt to get in shape for snowboarding season. Of course with record temperatures around here the last thing I think anyone is thinking about is snow....

As you can see, Rusty copes with the heat by just flat out laying in the river while on a hike out in Kanaskis....

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I'll be hopefully sewing my red pants, going to see The Masters at Spruce Meadows and also checking out the costume exhibit at The Glenbow!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To Square One

DKNY Blazer: Thrifted
Silk Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: Nine West

This is my outfit from date night with the beau, this outfit is actually from the weekend before last! It somehow got left out, but its a cute outfit so here it is! After dinner we went and watched the finale of the fireworks competition called Globalfest, we've gone every year since we've met but this was certainly the best weather wise. I spent most of the night just wearing my top, only putting my blazer on towards the end of the night.... Now for some this may seem like no big deal, but this is Alberta and the weather can change in an instant! Some years at this event we have hidden underneath our blanket from hail or rain even!

Back to my Fall Wardrobe Challenge, I'm going to make my red pants next but have hit a snag. After looking at the 2 pants patterns I had previously drafted, I decided neither would work for this project so now I am back to the drafting stage. This means I now need to draft the pants, make a mock up, then do any alterations before finally making the pants meaning I will be very busy for the remainder of the week!

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Polka Dot Shirt FWC

Here is the polka dot blouse from my Fall Wardrobe Challenge. I used a remnant from my fabric stash and Vogue pattern V8196, a pattern I had originally bought to alter for a dress I still have yet to make.....

This blouse turned out great, I did add top stitching to the collar, sleeve band and waistband piece due to the fabric not laying quite as nicely as I would like. I also used the longer length for the bottom pattern pieces as the shorter length would of been close to a midrif shirt for me!

I will point out that for the front loop closures in the future I would ad a piece of bias or something to cover the inside and keep it neater looking instead of leaving the stitched cord visible.

As for which piece to start next, Natasha has mentioned that colored pants are EBEW's next feature, however I am still torn on which of my pants pattern will be the best to use since both will require alterations..... What to do....

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Guest Posting At Adventures in Dressmaking Today

I'm guest posting at Adventures In Dressmaking today while Suzannah is on her honeymoon!

Hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend, I'm hoping to finish up my polka dot blouse and get started on item #3 of my Fall Wardrobe Challenge!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Does The Time Go

Dress: Joe Fresh
Blazer: RW & Co
Betsey Johnson Belt: Winners
Pearl Necklace: Pearl jewelry vendor at a christmas market
Shoes: The Shoe Company

So dinner with some house guests and then shopping ended up going on far later than planned and thus photos were taken inside.  They did not turn out very well..... I was happy to wear these shoes, it's been a while and I miss them!

Hoping to sew most of my blouse together tonight and then finish it up on the long weekend. With any luck I'll keep my long weekend relaxed and not do too much other than sewing, we'll see if that actually happens....