Wednesday, August 3, 2011


On Me: 
Vest: Suzy Shier
Top: Suzy Shier
Fringe Skirt: F21
Oxfords: Spring
Necklace: Hair Show
Guess Earrings: The Bay

On Natasha: Check out her blog!

Doesn't my hair look fabulous? Natasha did it. I attempted to straighten but also curl my hair so it had that neat tousled look but it became quite hopeless at which point Tash was kind enough to intervene.... Because she didn't have enough to do between her and her daughter...

Moving on.

This was the beginning of our fabulous weekend together in Edmonton. I've also decided that as long as we are separated so many hours apart this should become a yearly tradition. There was lots of shopping, laughing, and tons of Vyla keeping us entertained. It was a most fantastic weekend, nothing could of made it better!

Sadly when I was editing these photos, I seem to of forgotten to constrain the size and keep everything consistent as per usual so things are a little out of whack. Better than forgetting to post at all, I swear long weekends muck up my whole week, I just get completely off kilter! 


  1. Fun! I enjoy both of your blogs and love that you were able to meet up! And for the record, I think that this may be my favorite outfit I've seen of yours thus far! So whimsical, colorful and offbeat! That vest is killer :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you two had a good time (not that I didn't expect you to anyways) You guys look so happy and wonderful!

  3. I love this look!! You look gorgeous. :) x

  4. love love what you are wearing here. I am SO in love with the top prints :) I am also a prints type of girl! So glad to have found your from Natasha's blog.

    xo Nav

  5. hehe..I'm glag you posted the laughing pic...candid is always good!

  6. Your hair does look just lovely, and those shoes!!! To die for...

  7. You girls look great! Love both outfits!




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