Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Full Skirted

Silk Blouse: Gift from Natasha
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: ?
Shoes: The Shoe Company
Necklace: Made by my sister Kayleigh

This fabulous silk blouse is from Natasha, she even dyed it purple and I love it sooooo much! She gave me 3! Each different colors, I'm feeling as though they will definitely be fall wardrobe staples. This skirt I thifted recently and thoroughly enjoyed wearing on my maiden voyage out, I will be taking it in a little bit though as I liked it sitting higher up on my waist. Check out the famous portraits printed on the fabric and the sequins in different colors!
I've been apprehensive about wearing heels too much, especially all day at work as I'm worried I'll injure myself again and end up gimpy for the whole winter (Its all gravel and dirt roads where I work). I've never considered terrain much of a deterrent when it came to footwear before but after the recovery time this injury has caused I'm playing it safe. I ran a short distance the other day though and feel as though I'm almost 100% so I will enjoy busting out the heels for the next time I wear this skirt.

I'm still working hard on fall wardrobe ideas! I would love to hear what your coveted items for fall will be!


  1. That skirt is facinating! Seriously, everytime I look at it I find something new I like about it. And yay! I remember Tash telling me about the silk blouses she found. I know how excited she was to give them too you! Next time I'd love to see a close up of the necklace! I'm curious as to what it looks like.

    As for the ankle, it will always be in the back of your mind. I know I injured mine when I was younger playing sports and they've never been the same. Hopefully that is not the case with you. But I say go for heels. Just be careful where you tread!

  2. that skirt is gorgeous! when i used to thrift i NEVER found such great pieces like that!!!! it's beautiful!

  3. what a beautiful skirt and i like how you styled it with a vibrant purple shirt! and i can't wait for fall myself too!

    cute & little

  4. That is seriously the coolest skirt ever! I'm glad you love the blouses too.

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. This skirt is really amazing! Can I have it when you're done with it!? Lol. Would love to see it paired with heels too!


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