Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stampede Extravaganza

So I mentioned all the food I was going to eat at the Stampede, and here is some of the action....

My sister insisted I post this "action" shot...... Are you happy now Kayleigh?

If you made it past that last photo congrats....

My sister, my mom, and I, sadly my youngest sister had to work while we slacked off......

The most beautiful flag in the world.....

Chuckwagon races!

Night show after the chucks

Denim dress: Refind
Cowboy hat: Lammles
Cowboy Boots: A western store of some kind.....
Scarf as belt: Refind
Purse: Leather Market in Florence
Feather Earrings: Self made

Well, I didn't find the deep fried pop tarts that were supposed to be a new deep fried item this year, so sad.... I can say that I made some serious damage to the list of things I had planned on eating and some I hadn't even thought of.

I will say, that this was a fantastic day, but extremely exhausting which is why there was no post yesterday. It was simply too late by the time I had dragged my butt home to blog. Sorry but sleep is number one priority (I can't even express how lovely it is to say that it is my number one priority instead of homework!).

I am happy with how my outfit turned out, especially since the weather was not able to make up its mind and I somehow was comfortably warm all day.  Thank goodness for the worlds most cushy cowboy boots, so that my feet stayed in top shape regardless of the many hours of pounding the pavement I did in the quest for deep fried goodies.....


  1. Haha your so cute! I think its a family thing where they insist we try and post embarassing pictures. I thought it was cute and showed yourself thouroughly enjoying yourself.

    Whenever my blog post shows up for the day I have a blog award for you! Make sure you check it out!

  2. So fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :) I am so disappointed that we aren't making it down to the Stampede this year (shhh, I have never been!). Maybe one year :) I will just have to live vicariously through you then!

  3. I love all your cowgirl gear! So bummed we didn't make it this year...Brodys dying to go to the Grandstand show!


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