Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Weekend Adventures Cont.


Dress: Selfmade
Fedora: Walkabout Hats
Belt: Gift
Sandals: Aldo

So here was a beautiful sunny day that we spent by having some fantastic french toast at The Log Barn where they also happen to have goats that proved very entertaining! The little walkway they have goes up over where cars drive through where you can put food in these little cans and the goats have these little wheels at the top that they move either with theirs heads or their hooves to pull the food up to them, its so funny to watch! We spent quite a bit of time enjoying this spectacle, along with the little treasures they had.

Later on we went and did a wine tour, and a tour of a nearby distillery, and a beer tasting at a local brewery. Despite what my previous sentence may make you think, the beau and I drink very little, these just ended up being random things we came across one after the other and we just went with it!  

Given what a hot day it was and all the adventures we kept having I was glad I chose this cotton dress and light hat to keep cool the whole day. This belt is an amazing piece I was given quite a few years ago, and I can't wear it enough I enjoy it so much!


  1. I love these pictures!
    Your belt is amazing...along with your dress!

  2. That belt is great and so is the dress. You are very fashionable and talented, and I think your blog is sweet.


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