Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Delight

Dress: Walmart
Tank: Smart Set
Necklace: Suzy Shier
Tie sandals: Random store in Rome
Charm bracelet: ?

I wouldn't consider myself a big pink person, but somehow I have a fair bit of pink in my wardrobe, plus this dress is seriously pink. Seriously. But its fun, its comfy, so I enjoy pink. For now.
The charm bracelet is something I've had since I was a kid, but for some reason I don't have a close up shot, I was certain I had taken one but its gone. Next time...

Its a long week here this weekend and I am very excited to be headed to Edmonton for a girls weekend with Natasha and Vyla!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll see you Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breathing Easy


Silk Blouse: Le Chateau
Linen Blend Skirt: Joe Fresh
Belt: H&M
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Scarf Tie Sandals: Spring

There's nothing like the joy of natural fibers on these beautiful summer days to keep me cool! This is a skirt I've had for a while but always enjoy, every time I wear it I even think to myself "one of these days I must knock this off" that day has yet to come sadly. But still its on the list, the ever growing list......

I think maybe I should actually make this list and post it on the wall so that every time I make something I can check it off, maybe that would get me moving a little faster? I just find it hard to sew in the summer with so many other distractions, plus sewing inside when its beautiful outside is tough. Especially when summer is sooooo fleeting!

What baffles me the most is where I work, its fantastic to sit outside and eat lunch and most of the people I work with still eat inside instead of going outside to enjoy the weather. Maybe its just me and the fact that I've practically been hidden away in a sewing lab for school in the past two years and sunshine and relaxing outside feels like a novelty! 

Also, its my beau's birthday today so I'm looking forward to some fun with him and friends and drinks!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nameless Flowers Are Great Company

Jacket: F21
Striped knit top: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Hand me downs from Katrina
Sandals: Aldo
KGB Purse: Winners
Necklace: Refind
Earrings: Street Festival

When I got dresses it really didn't look that nice out, so I threw on some jeans but thankfully the sun came out! So no complaints about feeling quite warm, it was a nice surprise. 

I was dropping off the dress I had made for my mum, so she took these lovely photos, being sure her gorgeous flowers were included in the shots. She also told me the names and the flowers, and I even repeated them back to her but now I forget..... Like I didn't know that would happen!

I also finished a mock up pair of pants that have a fun drawstring waist and hem with a little ruffle type deal above/below the casing and now need to figure out when I can wear them as they need a serious pair of heels given the style of the pants. They kind of have a harem pant deal to them aside from the dropped crotch, plus they are super comfy and I feel like I could live in them!

Stay tuned....

Also, it has come to my attention that my lovely little blog posts with my pictures laid out all nice are not showing up that way once posted, just when I'm drafting them, this is becoming somewhat infuriating so if anyone has any thoughts, I'm all ears.... This comes after I finally had a break through this past weekend between my Mac book and ereader..... Ugh!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Shorts

Sheer Sequin Top: Thrifted
Tank: Costa Blanca
BCBG Shorts: Gift from Natasha

Oxfords: Spring

Another lovely day in the neighourhood...... All these beautiful hot days have been far more enjoyable since chopping off my hair, so much cooler! 

The sequin top is a great find from the last value village 50% off sale, I've considered being extra risque and just wearing a bra under this sheer top but an appropriate occasion has yet to arise...... Strangely enough, I did not wear any jewelry but I'm wondering if thats just because it was the weekend and my mind was elsewhere?

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Five

I have done a My Five post over at Required2beinspired today, check it out and let me know what you think!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Dress: Thrifted 
Necklace: Gift and made by my sister Kayleigh
Oxfords: Spring

Okay, so the sun kept coming out and then going behind clouds and my pictures turned out completely crazy as a result, I tried to rescue them..... I found this dress while thrifting a while back, it still had the tags on it, a label I did not recognize and something about it being a sample which was a new one for me.... Regardless, its a crazy print and a wrap dress so even though its a little too big I had to get it! Plus I think it was about $8.....

Today I will be participating in the EBEW Thrifty Thursday Challenge, provided its not too complicated....

In regards to a comment yesterday as to what my job is, I work as a seamstress sewing and altering costumes for a historical park. I just started beginning of May upon completing my diploma in fashion, and as per a favorite quote my teacher posted on her door "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life" unfortunately I can't remember who that quote is by, but it is certainly true!

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

High Tea

I love my job, and here I am dressed up in the very costumes that I help alter, repair, and sew for high tea at The Rectory. This was such a delightful experience, we sat and had tea, cucumber sandwiches and sugar cookies in the shape of teapots! 

This also meant that we the group in our discussion of "setting up a quilting guild" were quite the tourist attraction and it was hilarious. The town doctor even stopped in since he had heard about our quilting ideas and mentioned the hospital was in need of a quilt or two... We also heard the school teacher was to be married next spring and that maybe a quilt would be a lovely wedding gift.

Did I mention I love my job?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Batik Dress

McCalls dress pattern 4679
Fabric found at a charity fabric sale

I made this dress for my mum, but have just put it on my mannequin for photos as she is not close by to model for me. My mannequin is too small so the dress is not hanging so great here but I'm looking forward to how well it looks on my mum. 

I started this dress a while ago, then spent a couple weeks with my ankle wrapped in ice not doing anything I didn't have to after work, so I can't say whether this pattern was good or not, I just know that getting 2/3's of the dress done and then coming back and finishing the rest was somewhat confusing.... But thats my bad.

Now I can get back to sewing projects for me! My next project is a pair of silk pants that have drawstrings at the hem, something fun and summery!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Free As A Bird

Dress: Self made
Lace Vest: Gift from Tash (she made it!)
Necklace: Sears
Wedge Heels: Aldo
Earrings: Gift from Kayleigh (She made them)

This was a great day for me! I finally chopped off my hair and got to wear a pair of heels after waiting so long for my ankle to heal up! Sadly, I don't think this close up does my new cut justice but I love it, its a great change. My hairdresser thought maybe I should do this in steps since it was a lot to cut off but I was ready for it to be gone! All 12 plus inches.....

My favorite thing so far about my new hair cut..... its super hot out and I don't have hair sticking to me, driving me crazy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blog award

A big thank you to Corrine at I Think In Pink for passing on this Lovely Blogger Award to me. Corinne blogs about anything in life that she fancies and its always entertaining and uplifting!

Here are the rules:
 Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Drop them a note to tell them about it

7 random facts about me:

1. I have a beautiful cat named Twiggy, coincidentally this was a nickname my guy friends gave me in highschool. No I did not name my cat after myself, this was her name when I adopted her.

2. I just spent my last year in college being the student body president (I'm a dork and I'm cool with that).

3. I love popcorn! As far as I'm concerned its a food group. I even have a popcorn necklace. For real.

4. I have ridden The Carousel in 5 different countries, sadly I did not find one when I was in Mexico for spring break.

5. Red is my favorite color, I even had a horse named Red as a teenager, I did not name him either....

6. I miss my roommate Amy because even when we were at school till midnight doing homework every night we would still go home, have a beer and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

7. I was raised in the UK but have lived in Canada since I was 11, I have a Canadian accent, that gets more and more British when I drink. Seriously, the beau thinks its hilarious....

The Blogs I Award Are:

Required2BInspired - Okay maybe I'm biased when it comes to my besty, but this gal knows her stuff when it comes to clothes ie. shopping for a serious bargain or drafting and sewing up one of her many creations. Plus her blog means I still get to see her everyday even though her evil husband move her so far away from me! Corinne I know you already awarded Tash but as per the above how could I not too?
Beckerman Bite Plate - Fearless fashion
Grit and Glamour - Interesting fashion perspectives and great blogging tips
Dress Up for Armegeddon - I want all of her dresses!
My Life As A Foreigner - Amazing photos, funny stories
A Very Purple Person - Non stop sewing projects that continue to inspire me
A Suitcase And Stilettos - A great way to travel while staying at home
Dress Me Dearly - Fun fashion adventures
Blooms Fabric Obsession - Some serious ingenuity and awesome sewing projects of all kinds
Kimberellie Miss Fernellie - Always finds amazing deals and is absolutely hilarious, not to mention still looking fabulous while trying to keep up with her blog in her current extreme prego status

Now I know it said 15 blogs, but truthfully a lot of my favorite bloggers have stopped blogging in the past few months. I've found a lot of great blogs lately and I'm so excited to keep discovering other amazing blogs but I decided to only pass this along to blogs I've actually read for a while. Not to mention  I think I may be forgetting a couple, but try as I might I can't think of who that would be, I'm sure I'll remember as soon as I post this! Sorry. Plus Corrine would be on my list but she gave it to me instead!

Friday, July 15, 2011

In Honor Of

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe

Bonnie Wright
Photos Courtesy of Zimbio

I am soooooo excited for the final Harry Potter movie, its strange to think its all coming to an end! I remember being a teenager and reading the books and hearing they were going to turn the books into movies and how exciting that was!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stampede Extravaganza

So I mentioned all the food I was going to eat at the Stampede, and here is some of the action....

My sister insisted I post this "action" shot...... Are you happy now Kayleigh?

If you made it past that last photo congrats....

My sister, my mom, and I, sadly my youngest sister had to work while we slacked off......

The most beautiful flag in the world.....

Chuckwagon races!

Night show after the chucks

Denim dress: Refind
Cowboy hat: Lammles
Cowboy Boots: A western store of some kind.....
Scarf as belt: Refind
Purse: Leather Market in Florence
Feather Earrings: Self made

Well, I didn't find the deep fried pop tarts that were supposed to be a new deep fried item this year, so sad.... I can say that I made some serious damage to the list of things I had planned on eating and some I hadn't even thought of.

I will say, that this was a fantastic day, but extremely exhausting which is why there was no post yesterday. It was simply too late by the time I had dragged my butt home to blog. Sorry but sleep is number one priority (I can't even express how lovely it is to say that it is my number one priority instead of homework!).

I am happy with how my outfit turned out, especially since the weather was not able to make up its mind and I somehow was comfortably warm all day.  Thank goodness for the worlds most cushy cowboy boots, so that my feet stayed in top shape regardless of the many hours of pounding the pavement I did in the quest for deep fried goodies.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stampede Essentials!

Image courtesy of Preferred Entertainment

Just a quick note to say that I am going Stampeding today! Yahoo! Above are a few of my favorite things about The Calgary Stampede.

Food I will be having today:
Mini Donuts
Deep Fried Oreo's
Popcorn (Every occasion needs popcorn..)
Deep Fried Twinkies

And anything else deliciously bad for me that I can find.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Prints Make My Day

Dress: F21
Bracelets: Suzy Shier & Value Village
Sandals: Aldo
Earrings: ?

I haven't worn this dress in a while but I definitely remember it being longer...... Its just that I was sitting down at work sewing and the dress seemed too short for work. On the plus side it was so hot, I was thankful I wasn't wearing pants!

I've also lost track of how many weeks its been since I sprained my ankle and have been stuck wearing flat shoes! My lovely physio guy assures I'm on my way to recovery and that I will be wearing heels again soon, heres hoping...... 

Fingers crossed!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pretty Pleats

DKNY Blazer: Thrifted
Sleeveless top: Reitmans
Skirt: The GAP
Sandals: Nine West

Today is the Calgary Stampede Parade, and with our Royal Guests the city is going crazy. I've already been out doing some pre Stampede celebrating, including Bull Bustin' at Wranchmans and a Dierks Bentley Concert!!!! The man has not lost his touch, he's still a fantastic performer. I know this outfit is not cowgirl themed, but with the heat the last thing I need is to be wearing boots, so I'm in sandals for now.....

It even looks as though the weather will be nice for most of the Stampede this year, so I'm looking forward to going and checking out more of the entertainment and excitement of the Stampede.  Not to mention corn dogs, mini donuts, and deep fried Oreo's! Before you think gross, I assure you they are heaven and if you ever get a chance give them a try. 

Happy Stampeding!  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vintage Vogue

One of the cool things about working at a historical village is the cool things that are donated such as the above Vogue magazines from the 1930's! It was so much fun looking through these magazines, and all the hand drawn illustrations of clothes, shoes and etc, not to mention the advertisements back then! 

I feel a strong need to make a 1930's gown and get finger waves!