Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pining For Summer

The Spinnaker, a parachute like contraption that flies off of a catamaran while you sit on the bottom part

At the beach......

Enjoying the greenery and amazing water......

Its now June and its been miserable. I find myself going through my photos of my spring break trip to Mexico and longing for the warmth of the sunshine! Ironic that my pal Tash lives so far north of me (way north) and seems to be having a far better summer than I am! 

Friday I even bought 2 new pairs of shoes and have not been able to wear them due to the seriously uncooperative weather! Not to mention after going out for a couple social drinks with my sisters, I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle a couple days ago. Maybe I should be thankful the weather hasn't all of a sudden improved given that I won't be wearing my new shoes for a least a few more days!

Upon buying these shoes I also realized that I have not bought shoes since last summer! The gift card from my beau at Christmas doesn't count....

Those of you who are missing the sunshine like I am, I hope you enjoy these sunny photos too!

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  1. The bright side is... your shoes will look newer for longer! I know, I was getting sick of the rain here, but today the sun is shining and I shut my blinds... go figure!



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