Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fantastic Vintage Find!

Vintage dress: Thrifted
Belt: H & M
Earrings: Gift from Tash
Sandals: Aldo

I was so excited when I found this dress, and then to make things even better, no alterations, no repairs, it fit perfectly just as it was! This is a rarity for me, and well I'm sure we have have our own fit issues.

I also found another amazing dress, and a few shirts which, after the sleepless night and rough day I had, these fabulous finds turned my day around! 

I'm not sure whether I mentioned the other day my boss looked at me and commented on the fact I have a lot of clothes because she rarely sees me wearing the same thing. Keep in mind I have only worked there for 2 months not even.....

Besides, I know Natasha definitely has more clothes than me....


  1. You look sooo pretty! I wish I could go thrifting with you...we'll have to go in Edmonton!!

  2. Nice blog dear!
    im following both google connection and also via bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)


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