Monday, May 23, 2011

Dress Remodel

Before shot

Okay, so I'm behind, but I'm catching up slowly..... I'm going to be posting things that I've been doing in the last while that I wanted to show off before I got onto any outfit posts!

This dress was a remodel project I did in my Apparel Industry Practicum class. We had to take an old dress and do at least one fitting alteration and one style alteration. This dress has some great details that immediately drew me to it, fabulous metal buttons, interesting neckline, cut out  and lace up back, and just the all over lace and color were also big things for me.
Sorry that I didn't get any detail shots, but I'm sure I'll be wearing it soon enough! These after shots are a little blurry, I think I must not of checked the settings when recruiting help to take the photos!

So before chopping I did a fitting, this dress was really big so I started by taking it in at the sides only, strangely the princess seams seemed fine. I took the flouncy sleeves off and then reshaped the armhole since with the flounce things the dress went too far out at my shoulder. Then I chopped off the dress at my knees, I just felt I looked to dowdy in the previous length with the style of the dress!
I've saved the lace I chopped, and I'm hoping to incorporate it into another garment, hopefully sooner rather than later.....


  1. Yay, finally another blog post!
    Such a great end result!

  2. Oh my goodness what an amazing transformation! You gave this vintagy dress new life, and it looks fantastic!


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