Monday, February 7, 2011

Cindarella Wishes She Had A Dress Like This....

Silk Chiffon Leopard Print Evening Gown

So I thought that I would not touch up these photos in any way so I could say just how fabulous I think this dress is without any extras but now I see my demon eyes.....

Well, heres the final dress, you got to see the process, all the pieces and now at long last the final garment!
All I can say is how very proud I am of this dress, and even that doesn't capture the enjoyment I had wearing it. I will add that i danced all night in this dress and did not even once worry about it sliding off because it fits so brilliantly!

But now I wonder, how I will top this in the future?


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    I am finally coming back to the blogosphere after our moving of apartments and I am amazed of what you have accomplished! The bodice fits perfectly, and I love the draping of the skirt!

  2. OMG!! I love this! You look stunning! I'm sure you were the envy of all of the other women with that lush hair, and that gorgeous dress! Great job!


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