Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Back!

Blazers: Reitmans
Maxi Dress: H & M
Knit Top: Suzy Shier
Necklace: Gift from Amy
Belt: Zara
Boots: Nine West

Okay its been a long time, a very long time.... but I have some valid reasons for being away.... Last semester got completely ridiculous with final projects and staying at school till 2am only to return to school for 9am classes.... Then the week of Christmas I got food posiening, Christmas dinner was not so much fun this year as I had only been eating crackers until that point and was in no shape for much food! Then I take off to Winnipeg for a New Years eve wedding and come back to school with what I think is a nasty cold.... Nine days later I literally feel like I'm dying and go to the hospital. No definitive answer is given on what I could possibly be suffering from but I am given a couple perscriptions and told if I do not start to feel better in five days I need to get checked out again. Luckily, I do start to feel better but it was still quite a road to recovery.

This week I am finally healthy, but now super behind in all my homework! To top that off I have had and still have so many meetings I will be missing more than half my classes..... But its all good, I can do this. I will keep working late and catch up! Im actually working on some very exciting projects right now. My most important one I need to finish up is someones Christmas present (Sorry Tash, but you heard more of the details and I'm sure you understand!) that still needs the finishing touches.

Moving on, I am super thankful for my new found health and now understand those parts in the movies where someone thinks they've lost everything and they're friend looks at them and says, "Well, you've still got you're health!" Those people really seem to have no idea how lucky they really are still! I DO.

 Do you love my new boots? I do, thanks to my beau and the giftcard I got for Xmas! I can't decide whether I love my new boots or my amazing pants that Natasha made for me better! I have always wanted a pair of pants like them and they are smoking! Stay tuned, I'm dying to wear them but need tight time. Board meetings and presentations are not the right time unfortunately..... Also, this maxi dress I found during the break for $15! That made my day, and what do ya know more leopard print!!!!!



  1. LOVE the boots! I think they are AMAZING! I love your belt too! And your super cute braid in your hair! I'm glad your back and healthy! I was wondering what had happened to you!

  2. Finally!
    You look soooo pretty in these pictures!! I love everything about this outfit...and as you know I'm a sucker for leopard print!


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