Monday, November 29, 2010

Tailored Jacket 2nd Fitting

So heres my jacket from 2nd fitting. I've been working towards my third fitting the last couple classes but realized I still needed to do an update. I took off the peplum for this part as it was only basted on originally, but realized that this would make a fabulous cropped jacket also.... Lightbulb....
Aren't my bound buttonholes amazing? I enjoyed doing them and they turned out fantastic so yay! Also note the tailors tape that is permanently basted on the outer edge of the lapel and down the center front of the jacket. I haven't shown that all the hymo has been permanently basted in along the seam allowances and the seam allowances have been catchstitched down over top as well.
It really has come together with the shoulder pads and sleeves basted in, please note thats all hand basting. This class is great for my handstitching, I was decent before but I'm getting better and better, which is never a bad thing.

Not even two weeks of classes left to go and still a fair bit to do. Scary.


  1. Looking good...I seriously can't wait untill it's done!!

  2. Wow! Your buttonholes are gorgeous! And your padstitching looks so neat (especially compared to mine :s).
    First time I read about Tailors tape. I am going to see where I can find some!
    That's true that sleeves and shoulder pads bring such a huge difference!

  3. I have no idea what half of the things you said were, but it looks pretty great so far! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Wow, you are super talented lady! I wish I had more time to sew, but all the use my machine gets is hemming for my shop! But the last few dresses I made were a struggle at times, I can't imagine sewing a structured jacket!


  5. I ♥ what you do! You'll make an excellent designer. I love making things also .. only problem is sewing machines don't seem to like me. =( On the upside, hand stitching is good to me..just takes a lot longer. =)


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