Monday, November 15, 2010

Rollerdome Fashion

I'm not feeling too chatty today, but since a photo is worth a thousand words here are two photos from my weekend.
I will say how much I commend my sister on suggesting the rollerdome and I of course was game. I even decided to go all out on the outfit as evident from the above! Notice the socks I am wearing with cheerleaders on them and my sisters argyle over the knee socks with playboy bunnies! Hilarious..... Unfortunately I forgot these arm gloves out of a stretchy black pleather type fabric that I adore that are hiding somewhere in my room. Next time......


  1. I love that you both dressed up for the occasion! So bummed I live too far away to join in the action!

  2. hey will look totally hot. Best outfits of the night I have to say.


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