Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Its Red Alright!

DKNY Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Gift from Natasha
Earl Jeans: Winners
Wedge Shoes: The Shoe Company
Bracelets: Ten Thousand Villages, Festival Vendor, & Suzy Shier
Necklace: Gift from Natasha
Bamboo Earrings: Gift

Another glorious sunny day! The best part about photos at the moment is that its the one time in the day when I'm typically outside and get to spend a few minutes enjoying the sunshine! Sad, but true.... Also fun, is how awesome and red my hair looks with the sun shining on it! Yay! I'm loving it a lot!!!! I've been enjoying my colored hair so much, I can't stop thinking about when I can dye it again!

So I wore the DKNY jacket I thrifted and I'm still enjoying it a lot, especially styled with the long wide leg jeans and etc. This jacket is also a great length with the top underneath. Coincidence? I really can't say....

Also, since its Remembrance day, I hope everyone has taken a moment to appreciate all our veterans and troops. Being an Army brat and growing up with my dad away in the Army has made me appreciate this very much. 


  1. Your hair is faublously red with the sunshine! I need to do something new with my hair...maybe I should go firey!

  2. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so jealous of your lush curls!

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