Friday, November 26, 2010

Knitted hat for this crazy hatter

Recycled silk knitted hat: Christmas market
Boyfriend blazer: Suzy Shier
Burn out T-shirt: Campus Bookstore
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Tights: Winners
Shoes: Vegas Outlet Mall

So I must be distracted.... Aside from being a terrible blogger lately, as evident in theabove photos I  was not wearing a stitch of makeup. I forgot. Just plain and simply forgot to do something I generally do at least a little bit of every morning.... Oh dear.....

I enjoyed these photos simply besides I got to go outside in the daylight hours and the snow just looks so pretty. This was the first day in sometime we had had above -20 degrees so it was practically balmy!!! I'm not even joking....

Unfortunately the close photos I had were disasterous, so no close ups of the cool multi colored burn out t-shirt I got from the book store of all places..... I like it a lot though so I'm sure it will be worked into an outfit again soon. This hat was a most excited find at the Christmas fair last weekend, a hat that fit my big head! It may not look big, but its long and skinny which has proven to be a problem my whole life! But no more, hats are coming in a better size range, rather than just one size which seems like child size on my head! Its got a variety of beautiful colors in it and I t hink with the many months of winter ahead I will have plenty of opportunities to style it up! Woohoo!


  1. I'm loving all the textures in your outfit!

  2. That's a smart and relaxed outfit!I find it very inspired!

  3. You have the best tights collection of anyone I know!

  4. hi ya.. am a new follower.. I saw you over at Natasha's blog!! I LOVE your purple tights, those are amazing.. and your hat is beautiful... I totally love it.. I am just learning how to knit, I want to make a nice long scarf in light weight wool... its taking while though!!

    nice to meet you, will be back to see all your other great outfits!!!


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