Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Thursday night.....

 Saturday night....

Me (Astrid), The beau (Mad Hatter), Katrina (Fairy)

Here they are at long last! So my favorite holiday of the year came at long last. Due to serious homework, I literally made my costume Thursday night before heading out with some friends from school. Needless to say I did not get to make the amazing shoulder pieces I had planned, however I love how my costume turned out with my dragon skulls and spikes on my skirt which I made with sculpty. Thank you Natasha for answering all my questions on using the stuff! The skirt had some weight to it with the spikes so I made sure to double interface the fabric with fusible hymp and fusible non woven interfacing I had. I should also mention when I drafted this skirt it had 13 pieces to it before I had put any of the spikes or skulls on it!
It was fun wearing a wig, I usually don't even try because of all my hair, but the trick seems to be the little net that goes on prior and then the wig! My friend Katrina stated she could now see the family resemblance between between me and my youngest sister who has blonde hair...

The beau went as the Mad Hatter.... My idea. Friday night I knocked off a pattern from a suit jacket of his and then shortened the front, added the big lapel, and put tails on the back of the jacket. I then fit the bodice on him, did the alterations and drafted a sleeve using a method we had done in class the other week. It went together surprisingly easy and he loved it which was the best part. The wig was hilarious. ashen the beau put it on it was so crazy it covered his face until Iinned the front part back. I also got to put pink and blue eyeshadow and mascara on him. He doesn't understand how girls do this while keeping their eyes open.... Magic I guess.... The waist coat, pants and button up shirt we got at Value Village, I then added lace to the cuffs of the shirt and hiked up the pants so the crazy socks could be seen. The big crazy bow was a strip pf fabric I had that went perfectly. All in all a fabulous outfit that the beau pulled off marvelously. He even won best costume and won tickets to a hockey game. Unfortunately the game is happening when we will be away so who knows what will happen there.

I look forward to seeing other peoples costumes!

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  1. Oh I LOVE it!! Both yours and Robs!! The jacket you made him turns out amazing!! I am extremely impressed with your costume making skills!!


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