Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boned Bodice Foundation

Okay, so here is the boned bodice foundation I've been working on for my couture class. This is for the Vogue pattern dress I had posted a while back. The foundation is made out of cotille which I bought from the school, never seen this stuff before, its for making garment structures. This bodice is made of 8 pieces, has boning sewn all the way around, and sewn in bust cups.

I wasn't really keen on posting a photo of me in the bodice foundation yet but the dress form photos really weren't doing justice and this was a cool angle my friend Tarina tried. The next step is the orange satin and leopard print silk chiffon layers of the bodice which I am now working on.  So with lining, this bodice will have 4 layers. Kind of crazy but the final product is going to be fantastic!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tailored Jacket 2nd Fitting

So heres my jacket from 2nd fitting. I've been working towards my third fitting the last couple classes but realized I still needed to do an update. I took off the peplum for this part as it was only basted on originally, but realized that this would make a fabulous cropped jacket also.... Lightbulb....
Aren't my bound buttonholes amazing? I enjoyed doing them and they turned out fantastic so yay! Also note the tailors tape that is permanently basted on the outer edge of the lapel and down the center front of the jacket. I haven't shown that all the hymo has been permanently basted in along the seam allowances and the seam allowances have been catchstitched down over top as well.
It really has come together with the shoulder pads and sleeves basted in, please note thats all hand basting. This class is great for my handstitching, I was decent before but I'm getting better and better, which is never a bad thing.

Not even two weeks of classes left to go and still a fair bit to do. Scary.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Knitted hat for this crazy hatter

Recycled silk knitted hat: Christmas market
Boyfriend blazer: Suzy Shier
Burn out T-shirt: Campus Bookstore
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Tights: Winners
Shoes: Vegas Outlet Mall

So I must be distracted.... Aside from being a terrible blogger lately, as evident in theabove photos I  was not wearing a stitch of makeup. I forgot. Just plain and simply forgot to do something I generally do at least a little bit of every morning.... Oh dear.....

I enjoyed these photos simply besides I got to go outside in the daylight hours and the snow just looks so pretty. This was the first day in sometime we had had above -20 degrees so it was practically balmy!!! I'm not even joking....

Unfortunately the close photos I had were disasterous, so no close ups of the cool multi colored burn out t-shirt I got from the book store of all places..... I like it a lot though so I'm sure it will be worked into an outfit again soon. This hat was a most excited find at the Christmas fair last weekend, a hat that fit my big head! It may not look big, but its long and skinny which has proven to be a problem my whole life! But no more, hats are coming in a better size range, rather than just one size which seems like child size on my head! Its got a variety of beautiful colors in it and I t hink with the many months of winter ahead I will have plenty of opportunities to style it up! Woohoo!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pearls are Pretty

XOXO Dress: Winners
Sweater: Suzy Shier
Pearl Necklace: Xmas fair
Tights: Winners
Steve Madden Booties: DSW

I got this pearl necklace on the weekend! I adore pearls, despite a lot people thinking they are for grannies I love all the new ways to wear them. I loved the different shapes and that they were black on white, gorgeous! This time around I wore them with a more conservative outfit, I just really wanted to wear this dress! I ended up having to wear snowpants and my big winter jacket to get to school though, as before heading out I noticed the thermostat showing it was below -30 degrees! I was determined to wear a dress after suffering through pants and cold weather for so many days and I did it! Victory!

The Christmas craft market I went to was amazing, I love craft fairs. I was hoping to find something for my dad, him being the most impossible person to shop for but no luck..... Any ideas?

Maybe I should do a challenge where I sport this pearl necklace all week showing off all the ways I would style it up? Hmm.... 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter Strikes Again!

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday, it was awesome. A lucky girl in my class got tickets to see it at midnight last Thursday and was showing off her nails she had painted with all of the houses and the the Hogwarts shield. I asked if she could paint mine and she was nice enough to agree so thats what I did on my lunch break on Friday.
I can't even paint one color on my nails without messing them up, so as far as I'm concerned this classmate of mine has mad skills!

I will add that even though a fantastic job was done on the first part of the Deathly Hallows, its not quite as satisfying of an experience when its only half the book. Know what I mean? Regardless, I'm stoked for part two to come out in July.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabric Hoarding...

Last weekend Fabricland had a big sale. I was very well behaved, and was there for only about 10-15 minutes and so was able to control myself. I found the above printed fabric at another location just as I was leaving the store one day and had been thinking about it ever since so you can imagine how excited I was to come across it and actually get some of it! I think it will make a fabulous long coat. I have some interesting ideas on how to mix up the look with some non-traditional sleeves.

And this fabulous little black equin fabric. Sequin fabric, need I say more????  I'm torn on all my thoughts for this fabric, I would like a tuxedo jacket in sequins though.....

Meanwhile, its been snowing here all week, outside is an amazing Winter Wonderland and its fantastic!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rollerdome Fashion

I'm not feeling too chatty today, but since a photo is worth a thousand words here are two photos from my weekend.
I will say how much I commend my sister on suggesting the rollerdome and I of course was game. I even decided to go all out on the outfit as evident from the above! Notice the socks I am wearing with cheerleaders on them and my sisters argyle over the knee socks with playboy bunnies! Hilarious..... Unfortunately I forgot these arm gloves out of a stretchy black pleather type fabric that I adore that are hiding somewhere in my room. Next time......

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pleated Pants Can Be Cute Too Ya Know

Ruffled Jean Jacket: Zara
Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt: Reitmans
Pleated Wide Leg Pants: BCBG
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Lip Necklace: F21
Booties: Nine West

I finally wore this jacket. I'm still on the quest for a perfect denim jacket, but this different take was so cute I couldn't pass up on it. I don't think I've worn it in blog photos yet, but here it is! I'm not even sure what the perfect denim jacket is to me, but in the summer especially when I wear cute dresses, there are days when I wish I had a little denim jacket to layer over top.
 I love these pants they're a favorite, and I definitely don't wear them as often as I'd like to. Where else have you seen pleats on pants look so good? I was also told how cute my bum looks in these pants, and it wasn't by the beau, but it was sure funny.....

This outfit was too fun, and too cute to not photo, however as you can see these photos are taken in the doorway. There really was not a lot of room, I had to move the coat rack, and my roommate squished onto the entrance way bench trying to squeeze all of me into the frame. It was quite a hilarious process, but thats why I'm looking a little goofy in these pictures. I guess you just had to be there. Doesn't the bag of salt just make the photos?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Its Red Alright!

DKNY Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Gift from Natasha
Earl Jeans: Winners
Wedge Shoes: The Shoe Company
Bracelets: Ten Thousand Villages, Festival Vendor, & Suzy Shier
Necklace: Gift from Natasha
Bamboo Earrings: Gift

Another glorious sunny day! The best part about photos at the moment is that its the one time in the day when I'm typically outside and get to spend a few minutes enjoying the sunshine! Sad, but true.... Also fun, is how awesome and red my hair looks with the sun shining on it! Yay! I'm loving it a lot!!!! I've been enjoying my colored hair so much, I can't stop thinking about when I can dye it again!

So I wore the DKNY jacket I thrifted and I'm still enjoying it a lot, especially styled with the long wide leg jeans and etc. This jacket is also a great length with the top underneath. Coincidence? I really can't say....

Also, since its Remembrance day, I hope everyone has taken a moment to appreciate all our veterans and troops. Being an Army brat and growing up with my dad away in the Army has made me appreciate this very much. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knit Wrap Top: Suzy Shier
Leopard Print Mini: H & M
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Boots: Spring
Necklaces: Gift
Belt: Zara

I enjoy this leopard print dress very much. Its a print first of all, so I'm hooked from the start and I just love dresses. They're great. Really. I can't say what is happening with me in the photos though, its looking a little awkward, I'm not remembering anything in particular that would cause this, so this shall continue to be a mystery to me....

On an important note:
I'm waiting for the snow to arrive. Hoping even.... Yes, I like the snow, love it even. Only for the snowboarding typically, I don't like slipping in the snow or my shoes getting ruined due to salt stains or any of that, but its November and I'd really like the mountains to get a lot more snow so I can get out and enjoy some snowboarding.... I had accepted the fact that we didn't really get a summer and I was putting my hopes on the snow and that soon enough I would be bundled up, wearing my sparkly goggles, and ripping down the mountains. Then last week we got this amazing warm weather and now no snow. The mountains were supposed to be opening, and though some of them did, I don't count 1 chair operating as the mountain really being "open"! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm gonna make it happen. Probably not, but I can always hope.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Sunny Days....

Jacket: Leather Shop in Florence
Black Knit Top: Winners
Scarf: Refind
Suede Skirt: Gift
Brown Fishnets: Winners
Boots: The Shoe Company
Bamboo Earrings: Gift
Bangles: Ten Thousand Villages
Sunnies: Kathy Van Zeeland Outlet

This was an absolutely beautiful day..... People seemed to think it was cold which amazed me, I thought it was quite warm and was enjoying every minute of it! I'm excited I got to wear this scarf, I got it a couple weeks ago and it had been sitting in my car abandoned..... but no more!
Quite a palette of neutrals, mixing black and brown even! Oh my.... I've never been much for that old brown and black can mix together cliche.... Lame. I love everything about this outfit, it was fun, visually interesting, I got to show off my legs...... I got to bust out the leather jacket that I've hardly had a chance to wear lately as well! Yay!

My tailored jacket 2nd fitting is due next Tuesday, today I did sample bound buttonholes on my fabric to see how it would go and they turned out quite fabulous. This makes me a little nervous, as I hope the ones I do on my actual jacket will turn out as good! Isn't that the way though? After that I'll be pad stitching my lapel, re-attaching my peplum with the pockets sewn in and a few other things I can't quite remember right now....

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tailored Jacket First Fitting

Okay here is my amazing classically tailored jacket project, first fitting stage!
Isn't the color of this wool cashmere delightful!? I'm super stoked about this project. The jacket has a great lapel shape, and the peplum is fantastic, I think I will want to wear this all the time once it is completed. I'm even using a Kasha lining to make it slightly warmer. I'll be using a black velvet for the upper collar as well to give it a pride and prejudice type look.

As shown by the photos above, first fitting stage is putting together the seams, only basting the shoulder and side seams. Shoulder seams are hand basted together with tailors tape and then the hand made shoulder pads are basted in as well. I've already done a muslin before this, but the jacket was only lightly pressed in case more changes were needed. The hymo pieces are overlapped together, then tailor basted in for the front panels of the jacket. Now that the first fitting is done I will be restitching seam lines, and pad stitching the lapel among with a few other steps I will go through once get there.

I'm enjoying this project a lot, hand sewing is a favorite of mine and right now I can't wait to make another once I'm done this!

We'll see how long that lasts!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Thursday night.....

 Saturday night....

Me (Astrid), The beau (Mad Hatter), Katrina (Fairy)

Here they are at long last! So my favorite holiday of the year came at long last. Due to serious homework, I literally made my costume Thursday night before heading out with some friends from school. Needless to say I did not get to make the amazing shoulder pieces I had planned, however I love how my costume turned out with my dragon skulls and spikes on my skirt which I made with sculpty. Thank you Natasha for answering all my questions on using the stuff! The skirt had some weight to it with the spikes so I made sure to double interface the fabric with fusible hymp and fusible non woven interfacing I had. I should also mention when I drafted this skirt it had 13 pieces to it before I had put any of the spikes or skulls on it!
It was fun wearing a wig, I usually don't even try because of all my hair, but the trick seems to be the little net that goes on prior and then the wig! My friend Katrina stated she could now see the family resemblance between between me and my youngest sister who has blonde hair...

The beau went as the Mad Hatter.... My idea. Friday night I knocked off a pattern from a suit jacket of his and then shortened the front, added the big lapel, and put tails on the back of the jacket. I then fit the bodice on him, did the alterations and drafted a sleeve using a method we had done in class the other week. It went together surprisingly easy and he loved it which was the best part. The wig was hilarious. ashen the beau put it on it was so crazy it covered his face until Iinned the front part back. I also got to put pink and blue eyeshadow and mascara on him. He doesn't understand how girls do this while keeping their eyes open.... Magic I guess.... The waist coat, pants and button up shirt we got at Value Village, I then added lace to the cuffs of the shirt and hiked up the pants so the crazy socks could be seen. The big crazy bow was a strip pf fabric I had that went perfectly. All in all a fabulous outfit that the beau pulled off marvelously. He even won best costume and won tickets to a hockey game. Unfortunately the game is happening when we will be away so who knows what will happen there.

I look forward to seeing other peoples costumes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Mannequin Friends...

Military Jacket: Smart Set
T-shirt: Bluenotes
Skirt: Suzy Shier
Tights: Winners
Shoes: Spring
Pashmina: Vendor in Florence

So last night at midnight a classmate and I were packing our stuff up at school and I remembered I had not taken blog photos.... So here they are.... The days are, much to my amazement getting longer. Ie. Not daylight, just the amount of time in the da I'm awake compared to asleep, and I'm just not sure how much longer I can keep doing this. I then proceeded to go home and work on a croquis I need to have done for tomorrow. I was up late, way later than I'm ever up... Except for that time when I stayed up all night waiting for someones plane to come in so I could meet them at Denny's.... LOL. Right Natasha?

So I wrote this last week and then never posted......

Last week had some rather unpleasant events unfold which have affected me but also my entire college and has put some intense sadness on everyone. I won't comment any further and will certainly try to keep further posts  positive but  its a difficult time for a lot of people.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween, stay tuned for costume photos.