Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Real Color

DKNY Blazer: Thrifted
Pashmina: Vendor in Florence
Sunnies: Kathy Van Zeeland Outlet

Okay, so here is me walking from one meeting to another and taking a photo of my hair to show the color. I'm even loving this photo because I get to see the color better in the sunshine!

This is a blazer I got when Natasha was visiting, I almost didn't get it but she assured me it did look quite fabulous so I did get it and I love it!!! This is a completely useless angle to show off the jacket but its the only one I've got for now..... 

On a different note, I have now tailor basted all my markings onto my cashmere wool fabric for my tailored jacket, stitched my front hymo pieces and my back stay. Now I need to go get thread to match my fabric so I can actually start sewing my jacket together. A key factor I seemed to of overlooked when I purchased the fabric! Go me!


  1. I can't wait to see your finished jacket...
    I'm quite happy you got this blazer...can't wait to see it in an outfit post!

    PS. Once again I love the hair

  2. Love love the hair! You lost me in the last paragraph. I basically felt like I was reading chinese, but yet only in english (haha kind of like what I'm writing right now). But I'm sure it makes sense, I might try google! lol. But Tash was right! I like your jacket! (well the shoulder of it anyways)


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