Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its A Little Dark

Jacket: F21
Dress: Suzy Shier
Tights: Winners
Shoes: Spring
Necklaces: Gift & F21 & Accessorize

So I didn't take pictures until late yesterday. The hair color is different, but its hard to see here. I'll try and get some in the sun to really show how vibrant the color is! Its really great. Really.

I wore two prints together, which is so much fun! Three I guess if you include the tights.... This was a fun outfit, and quite comfortable which was a good thing since I was at school till 11:30pm last night doing homework! I'm not even joking.... Then I was out the door at 7:30am this morning. I'm looking forward to getting some sleep tonight, I can say that much.

Today I realized that Halloween is next week. Oh dear, how am I ever going to get my costume done?! Hopefully this weekend, otherwise I just don't think its going to happen.

I'm curious to know what other people are dressing up as for Halloween......

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  1. Your hair looks great!
    I also quite like your print mixing..you're so much braver than I am!

  2. That was definitely brave and it worked. I also like the hair color. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I love that hair color! The first thing I noticed abou your picture is how glowy your sking is (then I read your previous post) I think you sister and I need to spend some quality time together! Anyways, you look radiant!

    I also love those tights! You and patterns! I understand exactly why you and Natasha are such great friends! You both have wonderful style and you both have a thing for prints! lol. I think its great!

  4. Cute outfit! The print an shape of this dress looks gorgeous on you!



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