Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Just All About The Leopard Print Lately.....

Dress: H & M
Necklaces: Le Chateau, Suzy Shier, & Gift
Boyfriend Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Boots: Spring

I'm just really enjoying leopard print lately... I've always loved it, but haven't really worn it a whole lot. Now all of a sudden I have this dress from H & M and I'm making a dress from leopard print silk chiffon. Still not much leopard print sure, but its a whole lot more than I've been wearing. It is exciting though....

I thought this dress was maybe bordering on scandalous (Very thin knit fabric, body clinging shape, etc), however I got so many compliments today maybe a little dose of scandalous is what I need? I am wondering what Natasha thinks since she bought the same dress. A further note on the scandalous point, we both went up a size in the dress so it wasn't quite as clingy and yet it is still very clingy!

So heres to a little scandalous!


  1. Love it! I'm not Natasha, but I think she loves it... especially if she bought it too.

    I just bought some amazing lepoard print fabric, and I'm making something... I don't know what yet. But I'll make sure to post it when I do!

  2. MEOW! haha...I typed in rawr first...but then realized how silly that does meow...but it was a sexy "come hither" meow..hahaha
    I packed my suitcase for the next 2 weeks of my life...and I put very little clothing in my bag...but that dress is in there ready to get styled (and I have many ideas for it)...Chetwynd look out...there's going to be a Cheetah on the prowl (ok I won't be prowling..but you know...)

  3. Me too! I bought a leopard print sweater, and 2 (that's right, 2) leopard print blazers last week. This is clearly a problem.


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