Friday, October 15, 2010

I Just Really Like This Hat!

Hat: Walk About Hats
Printed Tank Blouse: Roberto Cavalli Outlet
Ruffled Vest: H & M
Leather Jacket: Shop in Florence
Pashmina: Vendor in Florence
Jeans: Smart Set
Ballerina Flats: Winners
Purse: Winners

So Blogger is still doing this thing to me at the moment where it lets me upload one photo but then I have to exit out and go back in to do another and so on. What the heck is going on? I'm pretty sure I'm doind everything the same as I usually do!

Anyways, yay for fall and having fun with layers and lots of colors and etc! I had fun with this outfit, plus I'm wearing my stellar hat again which made things great. I've been told by quite a few people how they don't recognize me with a hat, its like I'm incognito.... Could cause some trouble and not be recognixed because of my awesome hat. But probably not, that might be taking things a bit too far! 
The one downside of this outfit is that I had not meant to wear these shoes! I had intended to wear my brown oxfords, but I was rushing to get to school and all of a sudden I realized I was not wearing the shoes I had wanted to. My whole scheme for this outfit was that I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time with the iron steaming my cashmere wool fabric and that it was going to get warm so light layers were necessary!

I'm hoping to finally dye my hair this weekend, and get a facial, and get my eyebrows waxed! The joys of having an esthetician for a sister....

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Love that bag! I totally recognize that the jacket and pashmina are from Florence...I lived right on the San Lorenzo marketplace for a semester. They're both such great pieces!

    Adore your blog. So glad I found it. Followin' for sure

  2. Such a cute outfit...the shoes still work with it at least...
    I love that top and jacket sooooo much!!

  3. Love the colours and the layers in this look. And that bag is awesome. Enjoy your facial!

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. Did you try pushing Ctrl while clicking on multiple photos? That usually works, and if you did, disregard this!

    I love this! Make sure you check out my give-away!


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