Thursday, October 7, 2010

Floral Me Up

Hat: Walk About Hats
Boyfriend Cardgian: Joe Fresh
Floral Camisol: Suzy Shier
Tank: ?
Capris: Chado
Ballerina Flats: Winners

This is a scheduled post. I will be driving to visit my dad for Thanks giving when this is posted. Its a 12 hour drive so the beau and I are driving overnight (way less crazies on the road) and will hopefully be there in time for a nice afternoon nap! I will note I'm excited for the chinese restaurant where they served the best fried ice cream I have ever had anywhere!

As evident by the above sunshine, fall is turning out the be the best season of the year, not that it isn't already a favorite with me.... Plus I finally got to wear this top, its just hardly been nice at all making me not feel florally at all.... My new word, florally. Oh dear.... Florals aren't a big thing for me but as soon as I saw this top I loved it, and I've seen a lot on other people I actually wouldn't mind trying but we never really got much of a summer so I never really got much of a chance to wear lots of summery pretty things in the end so I like fall even more so letting me finally get to all that.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving here in Canada and in the spirit I will list a few things I am thankful for:

My family - a source on constant amusement
My boyfriend - A never ending barrel of laughs and a great heater in the cold nights....
My friends - even though one in particular (Natasha) has moved so far away I feel as though I'll never see her again other than via blog. Thank goodness for technology.
My teachers - amazing people who are always so helpful and going the extra mile for us lucky students 

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  1. I love what you are thankful for. And I LOVE your hat! (leave it to fashion bloggers to be more excited about clothes than being thankful...which I'm thankful for btw;-).

    You look adorable. And yes. HAPPY Thanksgiving to us!

    heart: Kimberellie


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