Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All About Hermes

This is my friend Jesse, I wanted to show off his awesome outfit for the visit to Hermes as well!
Also, notice the gold balloons in the shape of horses outside the boutique

Dress: Club Monaco
Boyfriend Blazer: Reitmans
Tights: Winners
Pumps: Nine West
Over the knee boots: Bakers
Purse: Winners
Necklace: Made by Kayleigh

Friday we went on a school trip to Holt Renfrew and I am finally posting about it .... Life is a little crazy at the moment...
Anyways, there was a lady that makes bags for Hermes and she was stoppng at the Holts across canada and giving demos on how their bags are made and answering all our burning questions. I won't do it justice in describing how cool it was to see this lady at work and getting to check out the techniques that are used. A typical bag she said takes 12-15hours depending on the details and can take up to approx 18hours. We also got to try the stitching on a sample piece and see how she does it. It makes me want to handstitch my own leather bag now! We were very lucky to be a part of this as well as the last time they said Hermes had done something like this was in the early 90's!

After the presentation at the Hermes boutique we were taken on a tour through Holt Renfrew and got to hear from a member of the staff about their new approach with their new location and the different designers which was also a lot of fun. I hadn't been to the new location so it was fun to be seeing that as well. I would always enjoy working downtown and going by their display windows as they are always fantastic!

Above is a picture of my classmate Jesse, I told him he looked so spiffy I needed a photo! He even posed and everything! Also note, a typical guy of course I took one picture and he figured that was enough. I guess hes a fair bit more photogenic than I am as this was the first and only photo of him and its a good one!
The beau and I then went to a birthday party friday night and I figured I looked too good to changed so i switched up the footwear to make things a little more casual and left it at that. I like this outfit both ways a lot though, I'm not sure I can decide which I like better, I guess it would depend on how tall I wanted to be on the day....


  1. Love both looks as well...how fun are the snake shoes with lace tights!

  2. That is the coolest field trip ever! I'm super jealous! And your tights are so great! I'm loving all of the patterns!


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