Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sequins are just great

Jacket: F21
Brown knit dress used as top: ?
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Tights: Winners
Oxfords: Spring
Necklace: Refind
Purse: Gift

Isn't this little jacket fabulous? Its a new favorite I found when Natasha and I went out shopping. Its got a great print and sequins, what more could a girl ask for? And the tights! Aren't they great?! Yay for fall and wearing tights! I just feel like they really take my outfits up a notch, you know? Some more visual interest....

Sadly I did not get time to dye my hair over the weekend. I'm going intense auburn red one of these days, go my sister Kayleigh for picking some out for me when she went to her beauty supply place. I just have to make time to get it done....

Sadly I have not much to chat about as I am completely sidetracked By the thought of my emergency dentist appointment tonight. I had a filling come out on the weekend and its not pretty (I'm sure you don't want to know the scary details)..... So if you don't hear from me for couple days after this you know whats happened. Pain.... All I can say is I have an exceptional tolerance for those numbing/sleeping drugs, I never fail to amaze my dentist or doctor, which results in a lot of pain on my end!

What a pretty thought to leave you with yes?

How about this for a new thought.... Shoes...... All kinds... Wedges, stilettos, chunky heels.....


  1. yay I love this!!
    A bunch of prints and textures all in one....it's like a Fashion Casserole!! haha...the good kind that is (not the ones my mom made when we were younger)

  2. I love those tights! So cute and they look so warm. You look lovely :]


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